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Protein, mango and chia pudding

Ekopura organic whey Chia mango pudding
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This chia pudding is probably the best thing we have had for breakfast recently, and it is so healthy and easy to make too! Many of you will be familiar with the benefits of chia seed. These tiny seeds are packed with good omega-3 fats, fiber, protein, and a large number of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin B and C. This pudding is very easy to make and therefore it is the perfect addition to your breakfast or just as a healthy snack when you’re craving for something sweet!

1/2 cup coconut / almond milk
1/4 cup diced fresh mango
1/4 cup Chia
10 grams of ekopura organic whey protein

– Blend the mango cubes together with the whey protein in a blender until you have a solid mango puree
– Put the mango puree into a glass
– Sprinkle the chia seeds on top of the mango puree
– Carefully pour the coconut / almond milk on top of the chia seeds. (Tip: pour the milk via a spoon on the chia seeds / mango so that the milk falls down slowly and you keep the nice seperation between the mango puree and the pudding)
– Stir the chia seeds and milk gently. (Beware, do not stir too hard and do not stir the mango to get the pudding nicely on top of the mango)
– Now place the pudding in the fridge for a couple of hours ( I always put the pudding in the firdge for 24 hours to get a nice solid texture)

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