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Vegan Protein


Ekopura organic vegan protein powder contains 70% protein and provides an easy and tasty intake of additinal protein. Yellow pea protein, rice protein, lucuma and moringa complement each other perfectly to provide the most complete amino acid profile including all essential amino acids (BCAAs). The addition of organic coconut blossom and cocoa powder ensures an even energy distribution and a delicious taste.

Ekopura vegan protein is ideal for muscle recovery, muscle growth and muscle maintenance.

"Organic and delicious in taste"
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It is our goal to offer the cleanest and most pure product possible that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Our vegan protein shake is therefore free from artificial and unnecessary additives and made with organic ingredients. You will therefore not find any pesticides, allergens, lactose, GMOs or soy in our vegan protein. Our protein is clean and of the best quality and we keep it that way!
Depending on the dosage and your goal, you can use the protein in addition to your normal diet to recover faster, to grow or to maintain your muscles.
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Yellow Pea Protein *, Brown Rice Protein *, Cocoa Powder *, Lucuma *, Moringa *, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Coconut Blossom Sugar *

* From Organic Farming

Product Features

  • Contains 70% protein, 18g per portion
  • Vegan registered (the Vegan Society)
  • Certified Organic (SKAL)
  • Only organic and plant based ingredients
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile (BCAAs)
  • Allergen Free, Lactose Free, GMO Free, Soy Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Only 97 Kcal per dosage
  • Measuring scoop included

Subtle taste and therefore perfectly suitable for fresh shakes, smoothies and baking


Stimulates muscle recovery, muscle building, muscle maintenance and promotes the immune system.


Take 1 to 3 servings per day in addition to the regular diet.

Mix the protein with water, nut milk or coconut water for a tasty protein shake or add ingredients yourself to make a delicious smoothie. Also perfect for mixing with breakfast or for baking.

Check out our blog for recipes.


Ekopura only uses natural and pure ingredients without artificial additives. Only the best for your body and nature. Order Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Vegan Protein

Vegan protein is not inferior to whey protein in terms of protein content. The absorption of the proteins by the body is also good in both cases. Although with vegan protein, the body has to put in a little more effort to process it and it will therefore be absorbed a little more slowly. However, this does not have to be a problem.

In terms of taste, whey protein is a bit creamier and more “milkshake” like.

In terms of sustainability, the vegan protein wins over the whey because much more raw materials and water are used for the production of milk.

The Ekopura Vegan Proteins are mixes of different vegetable proteins. Organic pea protein is the basis of every recipe. Other proteins are added to this to ensure that each variant contains a complete amino acid profile (BCAAs).

See the ingredients per flavor below:

Vanilla: Brown Rice Protein *, Yellow Pea Protein *, Moringa *, Lucuma *, Cinnamon *, Coconut Blossom Sugar *, Natural Vanilla Flavor

Chocolate: Brown Rice Protein *, Yellow Pea Protein *, Moringa *, Lucuma *, Cinnamon *, Coconut Blossom Sugar *, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Cocoa Powder *

Blueberry: Yellow Pea Protein *, Pumpkin Protein *, Hemp Protein *, Organic Flaxseed Powder *, Beetroot Extract, Citric Acid, Natural Blueberry Flavor, 0.2% Stevia.

* from organic farming

Yes, our vegan proteins are formulated to contain a complete amino acid profile including all BCAAs. The exact values of the amino acid profile can be found under the nutritional values tab on this product page.

The shelf life is always stated on the back of the packaging at the bottom.

We guarantee a minimum shelf life of 12 months.

In reality, however, this is much longer because we produce regularly and have small stocks. It is therefore possible to purchase several products at the same time for a longer period.

The products are best stored closed off and at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and out of the reach for children. The ideal temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Ekopura vegan protein promotes muscle recovery, muscle building and muscle maintenance.

When you combine it with strength training you will stimulate muscle growth and muscle recovery.

When you combine it with endurance sports, you will stimulate muscle recovery.

In addition, vegan protein is good for strong bones.

Mix 1 scoop of protein powder (+/- 25g) with 250ml of water, (nut) milk or juice to make a tasty shake or smoothie. You can use a blender or shaker for mixing.

Also great to mix with fresh fruit and other ingredients to make delicious smoothies.

In addition, you can use Ekopura protein powder in oatmeal, in the (vegetable) yogurt or for baking.

Check out our blog for the most delicious recipes.

Yes, this product is a good supplement to get enough or extra protein, also during pregnancy. The vegan protein is pure, unprocessed and organic. This allows us to guarantee that no artificial additives, GMOs or other harmful substances are present in the product.

If in doubt, please do consult a doctor.

Do you prefer to use milk proteins? Then go for our whey proteins.

No, Ekopura Vegan Protein is allergen free.

However, the protein powder does contain peas, a legume.


Brown Rice Protein *, Yellow Pea Protein *, Moringa *, Lucuma *, Cinnamon *, Coconut Blossom Sugar *, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Cocoa Powder *

* from organic farming


Nutritional values

per 100g

per portion 25g


1632Kj / 390Kcal

408Kj / 98Kcal




of which saturated






of which sugar












Amino acids (**BCAA’s)
per 100g
Alanine 2,8g
Arginine 5,1g
Aspartic Acid 6,8g
Cysteine 0,7g
Glutamic Acid 10,0g
Glycine 2,4g
Histidine 1,3g
Isoleucine** 3,1g
Leucine** 5,4g
Lycine 4,8g
Methionine 0,6g
Phenylalanine 3,3g
Proline 2,3g
Serine 5,0g
Threonine 2,2g
Tryptophan 0,4g
Tyrosine 0,5g
Valine** 5,9g
Vitamins & Minerals

per 100g

per portion 25g

Vitamin K 18,5mcg


Vitamin E



Calcium 223mg


Zinc 3,3mg


Magnesium 51,5mg


Iron 24,3mg


Copper 2,6mg


Selenium 93mcg


Phosphorus 720mg


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