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Improves muscle recovery, muscle growth and muscle retention

Protein Single Servings

Interested in our Ekopura proteins? Try them out! Choose which type and flavor you would like to try and order them here in 25g single servings sachets. Easily delivered on your doorstep by post. Order now!

Choose the type and flavour protein Get it delivered by Post Only Natural & Organic Ingredients No Artificial Additives Non-GMO Soy free No added Sugars 90-98 Calories/Serving


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Organic Whey - Purely Natural


Natural Whey - Refreshing Vanilla

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Natural Whey - Smooth Cacao

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Organic Casein - Purely Natural


Vegan Protein - Vanilla

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Vegan Protein - Blueberry

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Vegan Protein - Chocolate



Ekopura Single Servings – All proteins in 25g sachets

Try out all Ekopura protein flavours through our Single servings sachets. Every flavor and product combination is possible, Organic Whey, Natural Vegan Protein and Casein. Choose your preferred Ekopura products and try them out!


Ekopura products are 100% natural and made with organic ingredients. It is our goal to create products that are completely clean and pure. Products that contribute to a clean and healthy lifestyle. Our products are therefore free from artificial and unhealthy additives. Therefore you will not find any GMO’s, soy, refined sugars or other unhealthy ingredients in our proteins or omega 3.We offer the cleanest protein out there and we are proud of that!

Our protein shakes provide for an easy and tasty way to consume additional protein. Perfect for muscle recovery, muscle growth or muscle retention.

Omega 3 improves the immune system, has a positive effect on the heart and vascular system, the brain and the eyes. Next to that omega 3 helps to prevent muscle inflammation.


  • – Protein shakes: High in protein content, Complete amino acid profile (BCAA’s), Scoop included
  • – Vegan registered (the Vegan Society)
  • – Only organic and plant based ingredients
  • – GMO free, Soy free, no Artificial Additives
  • – Suitable for Vegetariens (the Vegan products also for Vegans)
  • – Only 95 Kcal per dosage
  • – Subtle taste, perfectly suited for fresh shakes and smoothies as well as baking


Mix the protein with (coconut) water or nut milk for a delicious protein shake or add ingredients of your liking to make a delicious smoothie. Also perfect for use during breakfast. Visit our blog, Instagram or Facebook page for recipes and inspiration.

Ekopura only uses natural and organic ingredients to create the cleanest products. We produce with respect for people animals and the environment. Only the best for your body and nature. Order now!