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Green Smoothie

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This spinach, banana, mango and Ekopura Organic Whey Protein Natural smoothie is another smoothie that actually is very colourful and green. Its taste is wonderfully sweet!

The recipe is a derivative of an original green smoothie. The original green smoothie was made with spinach, banana, blue berry’s and Ekopura Organic Whey Protein. That was our first one. In this version the blue berry has been replaced by mango.

Make sure you choose a nice and ripe mango as it will create the fresh and sweet taste to this green smoothie. A ripe mango is also much more easy to peel compared to a unripe one.

Would you like to know how to peel a mango in the easiest way then please find a video on youtube as we did. They show the most handy way to do it, easy peasy and purely delicious!

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