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Peach, Vanilla and Yoghurt Smoothie Bowl

Ekopura organic vegan protein vanilla Peach vanilla smoothie bowl
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Start your day off right with this smoothie bowl that is packed with healthy ingredients. The base of this smoothie bowl consists of peaches, Banana and yoghurt topped with rasped coconut, nuts, seeds raspberries and blue berries. Easy and quick to make yet so delicious. Enjoy! 

Ingredients for 1 bowl
100 ml (vanilla) yoghurt or quark
1 (frozen) banana
1 scoop Ekopura vegan protein vanilla
a few ice cubes (if you like like your smoothie bowl cold)

Nuts and seeds (as you please)
Rasped coconut
Raspberries and blue berries
1 Peach

Peel the peach and cut it in thins slices or cubes. Peel the banana and cut it in thin slices.

Put 100 ml yoghurt in a blender. Add the banana, Ekopura protein and ice cubes. Let it blend for a few minutes until you have a smooth substance.

Put the smoothie in a bowl and garnish with the sliced peach, nuts, seeds, raspberries, blue berries and a bit of rasped coconut.


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