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What is Casein Protein? 5 Advantages

Ekopura Organic Casein Protein - Purely Natural
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Providing you muscles with sufficient protein is decisive in reaching your training goals. While the overall diet is most important, protein supplements can definitely help you to reach your goals faster. Therefore a lot of people use the well known whey protein shake right after their work-out. Whey protein is very efficient, but certainly not the only right supplement to increase your protein intake and stimulate your muscles. Casein protein is a very good alternative but what is casein protein? Casein protein, just like whey, is derived from cows milk, and in our case from organic cows milk. Casein has a very high level of protein and is therefore very effective. It has a couple of big advantages compared to other protein powders, and we’ve summed up 5 of these advantages in this article.

Slow Protein

A lot of meal plans for athletes advise to consume casein right before going to bed. Casein proteins are slow proteins, meaning that they are released to the body over a longer period (up to 7 hours). Casein releases a balanced amount of amino acids to your body during this time. These amino acids will help your muscles to recover during the night! Of course you can also take a whey protein shake right before going to bed, but this won’t give you the same results as casein because your body absorbs the proteins from whey a lot faster. Casein therefore ensures that no protein deficiency occurs in the body during the night.

Weight Loss Stimulation

Our body has to deliver some efforts to absorb casein protein. It causes your body to work harder, burn calories and increase your metabolism. Additionally, casein also provides a saturated feeling which is a great advantage because you reduce the risk of unnecessary snacking. In addition to these factors, casein is also low in calories and is extremely low in fat.

Building muscle strength and reduce recovery time

You might think your muscles will grow right from the moment you go to the gym. However, food and diet are the decisive factors. Training and nutrition go hand in hand. Without proper nutrition you will not achieve the desired results. Studies have shown that casein protein has a positive effect on muscle recovery, muscle growth and muscle retention. After training your muscles are damaged. Our body then uses protein and amino acids to restore the muscles, making them stronger and bigger than before.

It’s good for your teeth!

As with other milk products, casein could provide for improved dental health. Studies have shown that casein has the potential to strengthen your teeth and protect them against erosion and damage due to the fact that  there is calcium phosphate in casein.

It can be consumed in a variety of ways

If you want to consume the casein quickly you can mix it with water, milk or juice for a quick shake. If you are not a fan of shakes then you can also make different bakings with casein. For example, protein bars, muffins, cookies etc. for a healthy bite in the evening / before going to bed. You can make ” healthy ” versions of your favorite snacks that release proteins and amino acids to your body during the night. These will enable you to achieve your sports goals faster.

Another way to consume casein can be by the means of a ‘Protein Fluff’. Want to know what it is? Via this link you will find a recipe for this delicious creamy and full mousse.

Organic casein

The common casein proteins on the market often use misleading information, artificial additives, flavors and colorants. Ekopura chooses to offer an honest, clean and pure protein product. Ekopura Organic Casein is 100% natural, stimulates the immune system, contains all essential amino acids and is packed with antioxidants. The product is certified organic (Skal) according to the strict European rules that apply.

Read more about our Organic Casein Protein here.




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