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Stimulates Muscle Recovery, Muscle Growth and Muscle Retention

Customer feedback

  • On a daily basis I’m busy with sports and eating consciously. For me It’s very important to know where my nutrition originates from and that it’s pure without artificial and unhealthy additives. Exactly what Ekopura stands for! Next to that Ekopura’s products deliver optimal results.   Roel van Nispen – Bodytec Lounge
  • We work together with Ekopura because we only want the best for our members. We use their protein in our fresh shakes served at the bar because it stimulates muscle recovery in a sustainable way, without artificial and unnecessary additives. Next to that their shakes are delicious! Marvin Michel – Vondelgym
  • Right from the start we have been fans of Ekopura. The most pure protein products we came across that don’t contain anything artificial which is very important to us. If you train a lot, optimal recovery is essential. In that regard we are ahead of the game with Ekopura. Marlene Clason & Jarno Bonhoff – Crossfit Amsterdam
  • Ekopura is consciously working on more healthy protein products free from additives, honest and sustainable. Their vision on a healthy life goes hand in hand with mine. You can taste the pureness, it’s creamy and no-nonsense. I love it! Gisele van Zoeren – @GIGIGISELE

About Ekopura

We Nature

EkoPura has been founded in 2015 with a mission to create a stronger world through the offer of honest and healthy products. The result is a portfolio of completely natural and organic sports nutrition products that are not only good for your body but also for nature. In the mean time we have built a portfolio of various healthy products of which we are very proud.

We are an organically certified company (Skal) that makes use mainly of organic ingredients because they have been proven to be more healthy and have less impact on the environment. By nature the content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers is much higher in organic products. Next to that the use of pesticides and antibiotics in organic agriculture is very minimal compared to conventional agriculture which has a positive impact on biodiversity and our health. In organic agriculture no use is being made of genetically modified crops or feed and the animals have a better life with much more freedom.

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