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Stride stance good morning – mobility with Franziska Lancaster

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Stride stance good morning

Hi, I am Franziska Lancaster and I’m a movement and mobility coach. In the coming period I will be showing you some basic movements and stretches that everyone should be doing on a regular basis to maintain and improve mobility and flexibility. This is important in doing sports but also for the majority of people who are sitting behind their desks and computers for multiple hours a day.

The movement we’re going to discuss today is the ‘stride stance good morning’.

Stride stance good morning

Many people suffer from tight hamstrings. This does not necessarily have to be a problem but it will limit your mobility, flexibility, sports performance and increases the risk of injuries. Also tight hamstrings contribute to other problems like for instance back pain.

What are the direct effects of tight hamstrings?

Tight hamstrings can cause the hips and pelvis to rotate, this causes a flat lower back which creates back problems. It also causes a bad posture which in return can cause all sorts of issues and pains.

Another effect of a tight hamstring is that blood is basically pushed out of the muscle, causing them to not be able to perform at 100% of their capacity. This can have an impact on overall sports performance and specifically in exercises where the hamstrings are required. Also a higher chance of injury can occur as a result.

What is causing tight hamstrings?

There can be several causes. It can be genetics. Some people are born with naturally short hamstrings and others are naturally more flexible. In general men are the most likely to suffer from tight muscles compared to women and children.

Not enough stretching is a major cause for tight hamstrings. If you do a lot of sports and you don’t stretch properly your muscles will tend to tighten up. Make it a habit to spend 10 minutes doing stretches after exercise as this is the moment your muscles are warm and the most receptive.

Stretching the hamstring muscles

If you are genetically challenged in terms of hamstring flexibility you can do stretches to improve your flexibility. Actually for this group of people it is even more important to take good care of their hamstrings. Another thing you can do to loosen up is go for a regular sport massage on the legs.

When do you suffer from tight hamstrings?

A good way to test your hamstring flexibility is to lie flat on your back and let someone lift one of your legs while keeping the other leg completely flat on the ground. If your leg can make a 90 degrees range of motion or more, you have a good hamstring flexibility. If your range of motion is limited to 80 degrees or less it is considered to be tight.

So what can we do about this? Stride Stance Good Morning

My favorite exercise that basically everyone should be doing on a daily basis is the ‘Stride Stance Good Morning’.

1 – For this stretch you will need a pvc pipe, a broomstick or another stick like object that you can secure with both hands while it presses on your shoulders. Then you place one foot well in front of the other with straightened legs. Make sure your back is completely straight before you do the movement.

2 – Once you are in the right position then bend over forward as far as you can while keeping your back and legs completely straight, while at the same time making your feet touch the floor completely. Stay in the bottom position for a few seconds before slowly moving up again.

3 -Repeat the movement slowly and controlled for 3 sets of 5 repetitions on each leg. Did you start the first set with your left foot in frot then do the second set with your right foot in front and keep changing position for each set until your done. Repeat this movement as often as you can. Make it part of your post workout stretching routine or your morning ritual. Watch the video for a complete detailed visual explanation.


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