Big air kitesurfer Gijs Wassenaar joins team Ekopura

Welcome to the team Gijs Wassenaar

Gijs is 21 and making a name for himself in big air kitesurfing. He participated in the Redbull Mega Loop Challenge of 2014 and 2015 in the Netherlands, and actually was the world record holder for the highest jump of 19.1 meters in 2015 (SICK!) drawing the attention of the international kiteboard scene. He may have lost his record a few weeks ago, but in February Gijs is travelling to Cape Town South-Africa to participate in his first ever international kiteboard competition. During the Redbull King Of The Air Gijs will take on the top 24 big air kiteboarders of the world in a competition for the highest and most impressive jump. The perfect moment for winning back that world record. On his road to great heights we support Gijs!

Over the next weeks we will keep you posted on his progress in the Redbull king of the air 2016!

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