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Are you summer proof already? There’s still time!

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Get summer proof

Spring has begun and summer is getting closer rapidly. Time to get in check. Are you not feeling ready for going to the beach yet? Don’t worry there is still time. We have summed up 6 tips for you to help you get summer proof.

#1 Choose a realistic goal

Set a goal! What do you want to achieve and in which timeframe. To achieve all your training goals in a short period of time can be tricky business. Therefore choose a realistic training goal because you cannot expect to reduce your trousers size by three in a months time. Make sure you work on your body in a conscious and healthy manner. A crash diet is not the way to go, go for the long term gains and set up your objectives accordingly, including in between goals to achieve.

#2 Be active!

This one is quite obvious but all small pieces will help. Leave your car at home and don’t take the public transport. In stead go to work by bike or running. Nowadays there are many apps that help you track your activity and can motivate you towards your goals by setting daily movement objectives. In this way you’re training a bit extra every day.

#3 Variation

Stay motivated by bringing variation into your trainings and nutrition. Change up your meal plan completely and try out that workout you’ve been hearing so much about. In this way you will prevent to get into a boring routine and you will stay motivated. Variation in your trainings will also stimulate your body in the most optimal way. You can ask your trainers to help you set up a training schedule. You will get the most out of your trainings and get the best possible results.

#4 You are unique!

It’s no use to copy others. Off course its always good to have a roll model and to have people (or bodies) that inspire you, but this does not mean that you have to do exactly what they are doing. Every body is different. What works for one might not be as effective for the other. We are all unique so make a plan that fits your needs in terms of activity and nutrition.

#5 Workout buddy

Nothing is more stimulating than working on your training goals together with your training buddy and celebrate successes together. The chance that you will both achieve your objectives will increase drastically when training together. There’s always someone to help you out and push you just a little bit farther then you would go by yourself. Next to that its also a lot of fun to workout together with your friends.

#6 Complete your nutrition with the right supplements

Now that you will be training and paying attention to your diet it might also be a good idea to have a look at food supplements that you can take in addition to your normal diet. To stimulate muscle recovery and muscle growth you can use protein supplements. Depending on your personal preferences you can use whey or vegan protein.

Also Omega 3 is very beneficial for the body. It stimulates the eyes, hart, brains and prevents muscle infections. You not only want to look good you also need to feel good. In case you start to use food supplements, do make sure to pay attention and use natural, organic products without chemical and unhealthy additives. We have some suggestions for you here.


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